Through the deterioration of material and meaning, the artists included in this exhibition collectively question, manipulate, and expand the information communicated through the printed page. Working with books, book materials, and the printed text, they re-image the communicative nature of component parts. Their manipulation of book spines, cloth coverings, and text blocks, create new possibilities for processing and presenting information.


Some artists in this exhibition distill books into composite parts that as separate entities provide perhaps greater insight into a subject than the sum of their parts. Other artists manipulate the book form, expanding the qualities and connotations of books as repositories of information or call into question our reliance on and acceptance of texts without regard for their inherent biases. Others yet integrate new materials into books and printed documents, communicating more visceral information than text alone could provide. Collectively, these pieces help us to examine our own associations and explore new possibilities for “book learning.”


—from "Unbound: The Art of Deterioration"  at de Saisset Museum / Santa Clara, California




book throwing from Kio Griffith on Vimeo.