Kio Griffith Echo Chamber 03

Echo Chamber, 2018

(found 78rpm record album sleeves, cardboard, wood, packing tape)


Kio Griffith Probability And Statistics For Engineers

Probability And Statistics For Engineers, 2018

(found book cover, cardboard, jewel case, packing and vinyl tape)


Kio Griffith Sonata For Anti Democratic Formalism Kio Griffith Sonata For Anti Democratic Formalism 03

Sonata For Anti Democratic Formalism, 2018

(offset print on cardboard, jewel case, glue cap, paper clip, packing tape, wax)



Kio Griffith Westminster Hi-Fi 02


Westminster HI-FI, 2018

(found album packaging, cellophane tape, marker)



Kio Griffith Rehearsal For Destruction 03

Rehearsal For Destruction, 2018

(found book, cardboard, wood, acrylic gel, wax, glue cap, packing and masking tape, sandpaper, chopsticks, clip, enamel, concert wristband, fortune cookie fortune)


Kio Griffith The Paranoid Style In American Politics


The Paranoid In American Politics, 2018

(book, wax, chopticks, cellophane, vinyl and masking tape, marker, clip)



Installation Views

Kio Griffith Dyads 03 Kio Griffith Dyads 02Kio Griffith Dyads 04