Tinfoil Recorder / I Am Data, 2019


room instrument
288 square feet x variably activated height


(aluminum foil, minibox gallery space/UCSB)


“Tinfoil Recorder / I Am Data” is a room instrument played by a group of 10 performers or more. The material application for the instrument addresses the square footage of the sonified room. Each participant folds the instrument from the edge in triangular patterns, while sounding the space, sculpting and materializing the sound medium (foil) into a 3-dimensional object. As the sonification of the foil object proceeds, the space reduces to a footprint enought to accomodate just one performer. The material sound which has transformed into an object is now a malleable sound sculpture that is wrapped, reduced and compressed into the smallest possible form — the data bit.


conceived by
Kio Griffith


in participation & performed with
Sarah Rara
Luke Fishbeck
David Novak
Eamon Fogarty
Bill Morrison
Laurel Beckman 
Serene Blumenthal
Adam Jahnke
Abby A.
Thomas Stoeckinger


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Tinfoil Recorder / I Am Data 


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